Ani DiFranco Shares New Single “You Forgot To Speak”

Photo Credit: Alexander Cabrera

Today, artist Ani DiFranco releases “You Forgot to Speak,” which is from her 23 album, Unprecedented Sh!t, out May 17 on DiFranco‘s label Righteous Babe Records. “You Forgot to Speak” delves into the complexities of gender dynamics and the internalized oppression that can manifest in women within patriarchal societies. Produced by BJ Burton, Unprecedented Sh!t pushes boundaries both musically and thematically.

The songs touch on a range of topics, from global crises to personal struggles, with a critical eye toward the current state of affairs. Sonically, DiFranco and Burton explored new textures and possibilities, resulting in a sound that is both raw and refined, intimate yet expansive.

Widely considered a feminist icon, Grammy DiFranco is the mother of the DIY movement, being one of the first artists to create her own record label, Righteous Babe Records, in 1990. She has released 22 albums, traversing folk, punk, hip-hop, soul and electronic genres while addressing a range of autobiographical, political and social issues. Her most recent album is the 25 Anniversary Edition reissue of her seminal effort Little Plastic Castle.

DiFranco is also a published author. Her memoir No Walls and the Recurring Dream was a New York Times Top 10 best seller in 2019 and her debut children’s book The Knowing is out now. Her next children’s book Show Up and Vote is due in August of this year.
Photo Credit: Alexander Cabrera
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