Fiddlehead Shares Powerful New Single “Sleepyhead” And Accompanying Video

Massachusetts-based post-hardcore supergroup Fiddlehead recently announced their upcoming third full-length album, Death Is Nothing To Us, set to release on August 18th of this year, after their previous album Between The Richness releasing in 2021. Alongside this album announcement, the band shared its newest single, “Sleepyhead” as well as an accompanying music video. Listen to the new single via the official YouTube video below.

The video features bizarre imagery, like the main character pulling yards of tied-together sheets out of his mouth to retrieve a key, or painting symbols on the wall with black paint on their hands, or abruptly waking up in the middle of the woods. The music features all the highlights of the genre, chock-full of hardcore energy and Fiddlehead’s exemplary ‘90’s-alt-influenced hooks while the band’s vocalist Pat Flynn demonstrates his skills and range, from melodic to roaring. “Sleepyhead” follows the band’s last single “Sullenboy” giving fans one last taste of the upcoming album.

Death Is Nothing To Us serves as the completion of a thematic trilogy that Fiddlehead has created with their last two albums, which results in a special album that feels like a culmination of the band’s work up to this point. In the album, Flynn focuses especially on themes of loss and sadness, but the vulnerable approach it takes can be exciting and even joyous. “I don’t want people to romanticize grief and depression, myself included,” he explains. “But I wanted to write about the way loss can perpetuate this feeling of sadness in your life. I didn’t intend to make some kind of thematic trilogy but there is this connection to the first two records, and this album sort of rounds out some of the stages of grief that weren’t addressed previously–especially this feeling of stickiness that a depressive attitude can have.”

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