Martin Shkreli Sued Over Claims He Allegedly Copied Rare Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon A Time In Shaolin Album

Photo Credit: Marv Watson

According to, Martin Shkreli famously purchased the one and only physical copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin back in 2015, which was decision RZA later regretted. Shkreli had to forfeit the album after his conviction for alleged securities fraud and eventually the U.S. government auctioned the album off to the cryptocurrency collective PleasrDAO for $4.75 million.

Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is set to be played in public for the first time at listening events in Tasmania this month. Now, its owners have sued Shkreli for allegedly making a copy of the record in an alleged direct violation of his purchase agreement.

The lawsuit alleges that on livestreams, Shkreli has allegedly claimed that he allegedly held onto the record, even once allegedly claiming to his viewers: “I was playing it on YouTube the other night even though somebody paid $4 million for it.” Pleasr allegedly says thousands of people tuned in Sunday for what Shkreli allegedly called a “Wu tang official listening party.”

If the alleged actions on the livestream is true, these actions allegedly undermine the value of the album that allegedly does not exist outside one solitary record. The company allegedly wants Shkreli to destroy his alleged copies, turn over any alleged profits from distributing the alleged music and allegedly pay compensatory and alleged punitive damages.

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