The Folk Implosion Share New Single “My Little Lamb” & Video For “Bobblehead Doll”

The Folk Implosion have released a new double single with two songs from their upcoming album, “My Little Lamb” and “Bobblehead Doll.”

“My Little Lamb” is an ode to fatherhood, according to Lou Barlow. He describes his relation to the song in a recent press release. “That’s my first stab at articulating what it’s like being a dad,” he states. “So many wild and heartbreaking things happened to me during the pandemic, and I wanted to put them all into that song.”

“Bobblehead Doll,” on the other hand, was a song that was originally written about a relationship where a person refuses to listen to other perspectives. 15 years later,  John Davis rewrote the song through a more political lens. “I like sports, but I think the culture around it has become very militaristic,” he states. “We see facile representations of it like a fighter plane flying over a football game. ‘Bobblehead’ also fits with ‘Water Torture’ in my mind, because they are about different sides of empire—the violence abroad and the selling of it back home.”

Their new forthcoming albumWalk Thru Me, will be released on June 28th.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat

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