Mitski Shares Cinematic New Video For “Star”

Photo Credit: Nicole Ditt

Few artists have as captivating a grip on the indie scene as Mitski right now and her new video, Star proves it. The video is sitting at 131,500 views and counting and it has only been available for 10 hours.

Fresh off the spring leg of her widely acclaimed The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We North American Tour, Mitski releases a new video for the  single “Star,” “a slow-building space-rock epic about lost love” (Stereogum). “Unlike the more narrative/concept driven videos Mitski and I have done together in the past, I wanted this video to encapsulate the impressionistic circularity we all experience. Our lives oscillate between light and dark repeating itself in an endless cycle where nothing is permanent. The best moments are fleeting, but so are the bad,” states director Megan Houang.

The video is calm and serene while the music in the background creates a world for the listener to be transported into. This is a song that can be listened to you with your eyes closed and enjoyed in a different context. The video adds a deeper layer of enjoyment as the audience is on a boat with Mitski. It’s a noir fantasy set to ethereal vocals.

The “Star” video was filmed on a small pond overnight in summer 2023 and presents Mitski performing on a boat in real water amongst painted pieces of wood, creating the illusion of mountains in the background and eliciting what Houang describes as “an otherworldly, atmospheric feeling” to perfectly match the song. Mitski and Houang have a history of collaborating.

Photo credit: Nicole Ditt

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