Real Estate Shares New Dynamic Single & Video “Haunted World”

Photo Credit: Owen Ela

Indie rock band, Real Estate, will release their new record, Daniel, on February 23 by Domino Recording Co. The band previously shared the album’s first single, “Water Underground,” in tandem with a music video inspired by and made in collaboration wit the stars of the beloved 1990s Nickelodeon sitcom The Adventures of Pete & Pete. Now, Real Estate have shared another tune called “Haunted World.”

The chiming guitars and plaintive verses of “Haunted World” summon the band that first emerged to acclaim in 2009, with Martin Courtney doing his best to sing his way around existential confusion. But in the chorus, instrumental harmonies and faint backing vocals propel the song anew, its tight hook snagging in a second. Tashian suggested they fortify the refrain.

While speaking about the track, Courtney says: “‘Haunted World’ sounds like a 90s sitcom theme to us. Network execs – this song is available and we are ready and willing to sell to the highest bidder. We’re super happy with how this one turned out. We had a nice arrangement worked out before we headed to Nashville to record, but it really came to life in the studio. Sometimes a song will surprise you like that.”


Photo Credit: Owen Ela

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