Slipknot Announces Surprise Release of Six-Song EP Adderall

SLIPKNOT has pleasantly surprised fans with the unexpected release of a new EP titled “Adderall”. This six-song collection features alternate versions of the title track, originally featured on last year’s album “The End, So Far”. The EP also includes the standalone single from 2023, “Bone Church”, as well as three non-album tracks: “Death March”, “Red Or Redder”, and “Hard To Be Here”. Accompanying this release are two brand new music videos directed by SLIPKNOT’s founding member, percussionist, and visual mastermind, Shawn “Clown” Crahan. The videos for “Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo)” and “Death March” offer fans an immersive visual experience to complement the EP’s offerings.

Crahan has also taken the helm in directing the latest two recent music videos “Memories (Adderall – Rough Demo)” and “Death March.” These releases come after the unveiling of the video for “Yen – Director’s Cut [Bone Church]” a few months prior. In the “Memories” video, frontman Corey Taylor takes center stage, donning a unique two-sided Grecian drama mask that provides a striking contrast to his customary Crash Test Dummy appearance as well as other members of the band. The musical arrangement in this rendition of the song exhibits a distinctive new wave style while evoking emotive qualities, thus enhancing the immersive experience of the drug-infused imagery.

“Adderall” track listing:
01. Death March

02. Adderall (No Intro)

03. Adderall (Rough Demo)

04. Red Or Redder

05. Adderall (Instrumental)

06. Hard To Be Here

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