PREMIERE: East Bay Duo Svvarms Releases Upbeat, Swirling New Song “We Are Wild”

Upbeat, fun music is what we all look for in life and what we need in life to keep going through the difficult times like this pandemic we are still in three years later. A song to just make you smile and not think but just enjoy. Svvarms has got the cure to turn that frown upside down.

Svvarms is the East Bay-based duo comprising Luke Bae and Dan Pirello, formed in 2019 when they found themselves at Bae’s studio surrounded by guitars and synths, changing their lives forever. Bae and Pirello are long-time friends who have collaborated on music for many years.

They composed their first song entirely by accident, “Lightning in the Rain,” and were so inspired by that burst of inspiration that they decided to meet every Tuesday night to write and record a new song for the following several months. The plan was to embrace the practice of producing music for the sake of creation rather than form a band. They created the song “Adaleena” a few weeks before the COVID pandemic.

They had gathered a substantial body of material by that point, and they decided to release the music they had been working on for the previous year. They continued to conduct socially remote recording sessions throughout 2020, with Pirello restricted to the iso booth. They are now on the verge of releasing this music and sharing the stage for the first time in many years. Svvarms is a pure expression of an unbridled musical dream, enjoying the bountiful music that runs through Pirello and Bae.

“This was one of those songs that just happened without us really trying to write a song. We were deeply inspired by someone (Caleb) hearing our music and believing in us. We sat down and started playing and this song just came out. Luke was playing some cool textures on the push 2, Kaila (Luke’s wife) was playing synth bass and I was playing keys,” said Pirello. “We played for 15 or 20 minutes and most of the foundation of the song was there. The finishing touch of this song was a sample of my 4 year old niece recording a video that she requested I send to Kaila because she is a huge fan of the band Luke, Kaila and I were in for many years.”

Svvarms’ latest song, “We Are Wild,” exclusively premiering with Mxdwn Music is a fun, smooth and upbeat song that could just be playing in the background on any given day. With the pandemic still around and no end in sight, We Are Wild is just the song to get the sad feelings out and bring back happy feelings.

Listen to the new song below:

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